Message from the Middle of Nowhere

Icelandic Viking philosophy for Conquering the challenges of Business and life

Straight from Iceland, this book mixes new wisdom with the ancient Viking philosophy.  It’s a true inspiring story of success and failure, of fighting fire and ice, of the art of sales and successful living.

“This book is for you that share my belief: With the right attitude, knowledge, and action, anything is possible if you persist and never give up”
– Gunnar Andri

Message From The Middle Of Nowhere will … Inspire you in your own life struggles by showing that anything is possible Unveil surprising facts about Iceland, both today and in ancient times Enlighten you about elves, huge trolls, the thirteen Icelandic yuletide lads and other mystical creatures Help you gain an understanding of the Icelandic Viking’s unique way of thinking Provide you with important messages from the middle of nowhere

Gunnar Andri Thorisson
Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author For over 20 years, Gunnar Andri has been a key player in the business of sales in Iceland, specializing in personal development for both individuals and organizations, managing sales initiatives and offering training, seminars, and lectures for thousands of willing students.

About Iceland
This book is also a journey to various places in Iceland and a map in the early pages shows locations of volcanic eruptions, avalanches, and the oldest parliament in the world. Iceland, populated by Vikings around 874, is the youngest landmass in Europe, located in the North–Atlantic – right in the middle of nowhere.


Five Basic Steps To Successful Sales And More Yeses In Your Daily Life and Career

Vegvísir Magical Stave
If this sign is carried, one will never lose one’s way in storms or bad weather, even when the way is not known.


This book is an excellent start to understand the Icelandic national psyche.

Gylfi Magnússon, Icelandic economist and associate professor at
University of Iceland, served as Minister for Economic Affairs in the
coalition government of Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir (2009-2013)

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Apply the essence of knowledge and strategies provided here to
yourself, and you will start to see changes in your personal and your
professional life. This book is a good read!

Angie Greaves
UK Radio Presenter

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When you write from the heart, you touch hearts. This highly
recommended book is for ambitious people – only.

Þorgrímur Þráinsson
Motivational speaker and a former Icelandic footballer. For the past
twenty years, Þorgrímur has been Iceland’s most popular and renowned
author of teenage books.

Against the Grain

How to receive positive results in a down economy

The phrase Against The Grain has been in known written use since the early 17th century, but its meaning has not changed over the years. In 2013, we apply this phrase to non-traditionalists who work outside of the norm or commonly-accepted thought patterns. Entrepreneurs, in particular, are well-known for using this non-traditional approach to attain success in their unique endeavors, and the Celebrity Experts® in this book have survived and thrived in the midst of the constantly-changing marketplace – going Against The Grain. Successful entrepreneurs, including our Celebrity Experts ®, have often made decisions that appear unusual and go Against The Grain. They carefully assess the conditions and make decisions that many would claim foolhardy, risky or illogical. However, they are not bystanders – they have achieved their goals! Have you? The Celebrity Experts® in this book include entrepreneurs, mentors and coaches. They go a step further and empower you with the secrets of their success. To the reader who wants to enjoy success, these Celebrity Experts® will share proven ways to move forward with their plans, the mindset required and the way to do it. They will be formidable guides. So, to move forward, follow the Celebrity Experts® and go Against The Grain….

Icelandic Viking philosophy
for Conquering the
challenges of Business
and Life



The Vikings philosophy for conquering the Challenges of Business and Life