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My name is Lewis and I want to get real with you for a minute.

I’ve always dreamed big, wanted to make something of my life, and deeply cared about people.

However, as a kid I suffered emotionally in a major way. I always felt like the dumbest person in class.

I was tall, skinny, goofy looking, constantly made fun of and never felt I had any real friends until later in high school.

Reading was a major challenge for me. I couldn’t comprehend and read out loud what I saw in books. I was in the bottom of my class academically, insecure, and looking for ways to fit in.

There were many moments I didn’t understand why I was born; I was bullied, picked last in sports, and experienced constant tension at home.

Former Professional

Football Player

My parents got divorced, my brother did jail time for 4 years, I was sexually abused by a man when I was 5, and remember many times saying to school teachers, principals and my parents that I wish I were dead.

Our mind and emotions play tricks on us when we feel we have no purpose or vision, community or contribution in life. And when I started seeking information and inspiration on how to create a better life for myself, that’s when everything started to change for the better.

I put all of this negative and lonely energy into my dream of being a professional athlete, and one day, an Olympian. I went on to play Arena Football for one season, but a career ending injury shattered my identity. I didn’t know who I was without sports.

Would anyone still want to hang out with me?
Would anyone respect me?
How will I make money?
Who am I?
What will I do for the rest of my life now???

Former Professional

Football Player

Broken, broke, and clueless on how to make money or get a career, my obsession for learning about business, marketing, product design, human behavior, and adding value to people (when I had no value to give) began.

Since then it’s been a powerful journey for me – becoming a New York Times bestselling author, building up a multi-million dollar online media company, speaking all over the world, advising for billion dollar brands, receiving media praise from places like Details Magazine, being one of “5 Internet Gurus Who Can Make You Rich” and much more.

I’m a firm believer that living in a beautiful state, the journey you experience, and the lives you impact is more important than what you do or what you have accumulated. I got a taste of being a pro athlete for a short amount of time. And I realized early on that when I commit to my vision and pursue it with 100% passion… anything is possible.

Living my ideal lifestyle is far more important to me than working on something I don’t fully love just to survive life and then die.

Former Professional

Football Player

It’s hard to think that without having any business experience I could go from sleeping on my sister’s couch to running a seven figure business in a couple years.

Now I’m committed to impacting 100 million lives. I teach people how to pursue the dream that burns inside them and how to earn a full time income while making an impact on the world and others.

I do this through my podcast, videos, books, online courses, live events, experiential workshops and one on one interactions.

I’m so grateful where life has taken me and the life that I’ve chosen to design on a daily basis. I believe we are the authors of our own life, and I’m blessed for the adversity I’ve faced. It makes me appreciate my life now and have compassion for others who suffer in a much bigger way.

Former Professional

Football Player

I’m often asked to mentor others, and the way I do this is through my podcast so I can maximize my time and impact more people. If you have a question, I’ve probably answered it on one of my episodes.

Please say hi over on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter as I love to hear what each episode is bringing up for you and the lessons you are learning.

Always remember you were born for a reason, a purpose and something bigger than yourself. But YOU have to activate this calling; no one is going to turn it on for you! It’s Your Responsibility to build yourself into the person who can live a great life. No one is going to give you the power to develop your mental strength, emotional intelligence and physical health to have the life you want. That’s between you and you!

I know there are times that are challenging, and it may seem like you can’t get out of it. I’m living proof that you can. If a small town boy from Ohio (who didn’t see any potential for his future) can do it, then so can you!

Your dreams matter because YOU Matter! Never forget that, but you must learn the wisdom, skills and tools to write your own story. Be the hero you were born to be. Start the journey with me because the world needs you my friend!

You are love.

Lewis Howes

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